Audition date for CLUE ON STAGE is February 24, at 7pm. 

Clue on Stage auditions will consist of directed activity.  No prepared  monologues are required.  Scripts will be available for 48 hour checkout at Chapter One Book Store starting January 24, 2020. Roles are available for 5+ women and 5+ men actors (character ages 18-70).  

Regarding Auditions:  They usually consist of music, choreography, directed movement, and/or cold readings.  No prepared monologues required unless specifically stated.

"Character age" refers to the age of the fictional character; the actor's age may be older or younger than the character being played.

Scripts are available for 48 hour checkout from Chapter One Book Store in Hamilton starting one month before the audition.

Outside auditions can be scheduled in advance (due to schedule conflict only please!) if the director is available; the more advance notice the better.

For more information, please contact the BOXOFFICE.